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The lumma disc is a revolutionary product that encourages you to rethink how you view menstruation. The brands’ unique and refreshing approach to reusable menstrual discs has shaken the disc market. It’s a colorful and fun option that’s beginner-friendly. 

Aside from being the only menstrual disc in the industry to provide an easy removal system, it offers various sizes that accommodate the individual cervix height of each user. In addition to these apparent benefits, many others make the Lumma disc a worthwhile investment.  

Lumma Disc Is Uniquely Different

I found myself drawn to the Lumma disc because of its removal system. As I’m sure, you know, menstrual discs are intimidating if you’re a beginner. I know I was concerned about the insertion and removal process. How in the world would I get that thing inside of my vagina?! Furthermore, how was I going to remove it? Other worries I had were if it worked. Was it possible a disc could hold my flow without causing leaks, specifically on those heavy flow days?

woman sitting on bed


However, the removal system on the Lumma disc made me feel more experimental. The removal system consists of a “string” similar to a tampon and has two beads that allow you to find the disc when you’re ready to remove it. And, with a slight tug, you’re able to slide it off the pubic bone, grasp the disc, and remove it from your vagina. This feature alone makes it perfect for menstrual disc newbies. 

Another unique factor about the Lumma disc is it comes in three different sizes. Whereas other menstrual discs on the market only provide one size. The reason for the different sizing is related to cervix height. The short is for the low cervix, medium for medium cervix, and high for a high cervix. 

A quick lesson about cervix height 

If you don’t know, your cervix isn’t in a static position. Instead, it moves into higher and lower positions throughout the menstrual cycle. For instance, your cervix is usually in a high position during the follicular phase. However, the closer you get to ovulation, the cervix moves lower in preparation for fertilization. It also sits lower at the onset of menstruation to release your period flow.

Additionally, your cervix can move to different positions throughout your period. For example, it may start in a low position then move to a high position the closer you get to the end of your period. So, as you can see, it’s essential to measure your cervix height to ensure you’re selecting the correct size disc. However, Lumma does recommend getting two different-sized discs according to your specific needs.

graphic from lumma disc site explaining cervix height


The Lumma Disc Improves Period Health

The use of conventional pads and tampons has raised eyebrows because of the potentially toxic ingredients linked to cancer and endocrine disruption. Additionally, tampons cause pH imbalance due to the absorption of period flow, increasing the risk of vaginal infections and irritation. Lastly, both pads and tampons increase period odor due to blood absorption in the product.

All of the above issues compromise vaginal health. In contrast, menstrual discs hold menstrual flow decreasing pH imbalance and reducing vaginal odor, irritation, and infections. Furthermore, discs are made of medical-grade silicone, which doesn’t impact vaginal health negatively.   

The Lumma Disc Makes Periods Fun

Another reason I’m a big Lumma fan is that their menstrual disc is fun. I’m always excited for my period because I get to use a cute menstrual disc that not only looks adorable but performs exceptionally.

Currently, the colors they provide for their discs are pink love), unicorn, and transparent. My favorites are pink love and unicorn, and I purchased the pink love in medium and the unicorn in high. 


woman sitting on floor in underwear smiling


Lumma Discs Are Comfortable

Listen, endometriosis caused me to struggle with painful, heavy periods for most of my life. Additionally, tampons made my cramps worse and were uncomfortable and irritating. However, lumma discs have been the exact opposite. 

As I’ve started perimenopause, my periods have become increasingly unpredictable regarding period flow and cramp intensity. Discs are excellent for managing heavy flow days and not causing any pain or discomfort on my pelvis. 

For example, tampons and firm cups exert pressure on the pelvis, triggering increased cramping and discomfort. On the other hand, discs sit behind the pubic bone. They don’t rely on suction like cups or absorb and expand the way tampons do as they collect flow hence why discs are beneficial for anyone with painful periods. 

 They’re also great for overnight usage, and I don’t have to wake up to empty my disc because it effectively holds my flow. In addition to being super comfortable, it can be worn for up to 12 hours, making it ideal for busy days since you’re less worried about when to empty it. 


Lumma Discs Can Help Decrease Period Poverty

The reduction of period poverty isn’t exclusive to the Lumma disc; a plethora of reusable period products help decrease period poverty. Instead of purchasing disposable menstrual products or, worse, relying on unsanitary practices to manage their menstrual flow. Anyone struggling to afford menstrual products can use reusable ones like the Lumma disc. 

The Lumma disc advertises that it lasts up to three years with proper care. Additionally, Lumma does a fantastic job of educating you on properly caring for your disc with detailed instructions included with the purchase. 

Furthermore, the Lumma disc is an affordable beginner-friendly option for anyone interested in transitioning to a reusable menstrual disc. The disc retails for $45 and offers a buy one get one promotion at various intervals. 

It’s also a bright option to increase period health and add a little excitement to your monthly flow. Another benefit is that this is a better option than cups if you have endometriosis, fibroids, or a painful period. Since menstrual cups exert pressure on the pelvis, they can increase pelvic cramping, discomfort, and bladder sensitivity. 

Furthermore, they may not be ideal if you have a heavy flow due to frequent cup emptying, thus making it a challenge for busy days at work or travel. 

Lastly, they can help decrease period poverty for those struggling with homelessness or living in poverty and working to afford period products. Having a reusable disc that lasts up to three years means less stress over a more sanitary and reliable approach to period care. 

Taking advantage of the buy one get one offer and purchasing a cup to donate to a local period drive project or women’s shelter can help support these individuals.   

woman sitting on bed in underwear stroking skin

Why I’m A Huge Fan of The Lumma Disc

To wrap it all up, I appreciate and am happy with the Lumma disc and how much it has helped with managing my menstrual flow. Their unique removal system makes it less threatening to first-time disc users. Creating different sizes to accommodate various cervix heights makes it more accessible for different anatomies. 

They also create a healthier period by providing a safe and sustainable option in place of pads and tampons. Additional benefits include reduction in period odor and decreased risk of vaginal infections. They’re fun, colorful, and comfortable, making periods more fun and less of a hindrance. 

Lastly, they aid in decreasing period poverty by providing a reusable option for impoverished people that struggle to afford sanitary menstrual products to manage their period flow. 

Suppose you’re on the fence regarding menstrual discs; I recommend giving the lumma disc a go. And if you do, let me know what you think!



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