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Routines are important. Simply put following routines can help you build healthy habits that promote well-being in your body. The same can happen by following a skin care routine that focuses on anti-aging and improving the health of your skin. There are a variety of skin care routines you can implement and create to fit and complement your lifestyle and your skin health goals. I am going to teach you the variety of options you have regarding what skin care routine you choose from the simple to the complex. You will be able to find a skin care routine that can adopt into your lifestyle to defy aging with your skin health.


The first step in creating a healthy skin care routine is to choose products that will improve the health of your skin and provide anti-aging benefits. Choosing skin care products that contain high quality ingredients that are designed to decrease aging signs and symptoms, while improving the health and appearance of your skin. Choosing high-quality brands that focus on delivering high-quality results and performance.  Things you should consider when choosing skin care products and skin care brands is to learn more about the ingredients used in your skin care products and how those ingredients perform and how they affect your skin. Understanding what your skin goals are and what your skin needs not just for today but also understanding how your skin ages by evaluating your skin currently to understand potential issues as well as understanding your genetics and how your parents aged. All of these factors will help you determine what products you will need in your skin care regimen.

When choosing skin care brands, it’s also best to avoid common drugstore skincare lines since they are best for maintenance and don’t really aid in providing the ingredients and results that high-performance skincare brands provide. Visiting a spa or store that specializes in skin care and has a variety of different skin care brands is a better place to start when it comes to choosing skin care products that are effective at promoting healthy changes in the skin. There are a variety of healthy skin care products at a variety of price points and finding quality skin care products that align with your goals and budget can be accomplished.

Key Ingredients to look for in anti-aging skin care products are:


The second and final step is to make sure that you are following a daily and nightly skin care routine. The minimum you should be doing to care for your skin daily is to ensure that you are cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing your skin every morning and every evening. You should also make sure that you are applying an SPF 30 or higher in the morning to ensure that your skin is protected from potential sun damage.

Let me introduce you to the four ways you can build a skin care regimen. How many products you want to use and how through you decide to go with your skincare regimen will depend on your unique skin care goals and how many products you are willing to use to maintain your skin health. There is no right or wrong approach, only do what works best for you and your budget.


The Minimal Anti-Aging Rebel

This skincare regimen focuses on the basics and is ideal for a person who is new to skincare and anti-aging and wants to learn how to properly care for their skin before adding more advanced products into their regimen. This is also perfect for the person that is wanting to maintain their budget. The products that this skin care regimen will contain will be:

The Basic Anti-Aging Rebel

This skincare regimen is a step up from the minimal anti-aging rebel and includes some basic anti-aging products that will help those that are ready to add more products to their regimen. The products that this skin care regimen will contain will be:


The Posh Anti-Aging Rebel

Again this regimen builds upon the previous skincare regimen and provides more anti-aging benefits which are suitable for the person that has significant anti-aging goals that they are looking to address and perhaps prevent. The products that this skincare regimen will contain will be:

The Celebrity Anti-Aging Rebel

This is the routine of routines. This regimen makes skin health and anti-aging the priority and spares nothing to chance. This routine is most likely not manageable or maintainable for most but can be helpful when undergoing a series of anti-aging treatments or when a specific skin care goal is desired such as correcting dark spots and uneven skin tone. The products that this skin care regimen will contain are:


Find What Works For You

Remember the above skin regimens and skincare routines are an example to give you an idea of how you can approach anti-aging skin health in your daily wellness routine. You can build and create your skincare routine any way you would like. The three key takeaways that I will leave you with are to identify your skin goals, determine your budget and build your regimen.


Identify Your Skin Care Goals

While it can be exciting to toss all your current skincare products and purchase an entire brand new line of skincare products. Resist the urge. Starting slowly and purchasing products one at a time will help your skin to acclimate to the products which will decrease breakouts and your skin freaking out on you. It is also helpful in maintaining your budget since it is easier to purchase a high-quality skin care product one at a time instead of purchasing them all at once. You can slowly and surely build your skin care regimen without having to blow your budget.


Are You Ready to Defy Aging?

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