Choosing Childlessness An Insider Perspective On the Forgotten Side of Infertility

Choosing childlessness after infertility was both challenging and easy. I felt peace yet, at the same time, anxiety. There was confidence in my decision as well as uncertainty. And perhaps the biggest whammy was the unrelenting guilt. Like I'd let everyone down. That...

Revealing How To Start Your Fitness Journey With Chronic Illness

Starting your fitness journey with chronic illness isn't easy but your body will thank you once you do. While physical activity is often recommended as a preventative measure, researchers discovered that regular exercise is an effective treatment for 26 chronic...

How to Fade A Laparotomy Scar Naturally and Feel Confident

Healing my laparotomy scar has been a journey. I have a hypertrophic scar that requires more work and time to fade. But, I’ve made significant progress, and two years post-surgery, my scar’s appearance has drastically improved. And the reason I believe I was able to...

5 Simple Hacks for Managing Chronic Fatigue That You Must Try

Managing chronic fatigue in a busy world is nearly impossible. This is especially true when you're managing a chronic illness. However, despite the challenges that chronic fatigue brings, there are things you can do to manage your time and get things done. Primarily...

7 Simple Coping Strategies to Manage ADHD and Bipolar Disorder You Need to Try

Living with a dual diagnosis of ADHD and bipolar disorder is challenging. It's hard to differentiate between symptoms and even harder to manage them. Fortunately, there are seven simple coping strategies you can use to help you manage ADHD and bipolar disorder...

Healthy Living with Endometriosis How to Improve Your Quality of Life

Healthy living with endometriosis is not impossible. But it does require some work. The primary goal is to manage chronic pain and decrease inflammation. Luckily you can make fundamental changes to your daily routine and accomplish a better quality of life. Learning...

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