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Why Healthy Skincare Habits Matter


First things first let’s talk about why skin health matters. Everyone wants their skin to look it’s absolute best. The face is the first thing that people see so being confident and comfortable in your skin is quite important. If you are not following a skin care regimen or it’s not a high priority on your list, I recommend you start taking better care of your skin now, like today. The habits and behaviors you practice today will affect your skin in the future. Preventing many common aging signs and symptoms before they happen is better than working to correct the damage that was done because of improper skin habits. Two of the main reasons preventative skin health is is important is because anti-aging is key!

For starters following a healthy and balanced skin care routine will help in decreasing those pesky visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin texture, and uneven skin tone. Decreasing the severity of wrinkles and delaying their onset is part of graceful aging and this can be easily accomplished by developing healthy skin care habits.

This may seem like a no-brainer but proper skin care will also improve the overall appearance of your skin currently and help decrease breakouts. Taking care of and preserving what you have today is the name of the game. Do you have issues with dark spots or uneven skin tone? Address it now, do what you can do now before you are knee deep in the aging process to correct minor issues such as uneven skin tone, breakouts, and those first beginning signs of fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t think I can stress enough the importance of prevention.

My 5 Skin Commandments

There are some absolutes when it comes to maintaining beautiful and glowing skin. These are the tricks that I have used for my skin for years and that I teach others to implement in their skincare routine. Today I am going to teach you 5 of my basic skin health commandments.

Cleansing the skin in the morning and in the evening will remove impurities, dirt, sweat, makeup, and grime from the skin. For those with drier skin types cleansing the skin with a hydrating gentle cleanser in the morning can infuse moisture into the skin, while cleansing and prepping your skin for the day without stripping away excess moisture. For oilier skin types using a foaming or gel cleanser can help decrease excess oil on the surface of the skin. Make sure to use cleansers that help your skin to feel clean without over drying. Another important part of cleansing skin daily is making sure that every and I do mean EVERY evening you are setting aside time to properly cleanse your skin with cleanser and water. Using a make-up removal wipe is a great first step but should most definitely be followed with a cleanser to ensure you remove all traces of the makeup product on your face to prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher will protect your skin from the damaging and aging effects of the sun’s rays. Keeping a powder sunscreen formulation that you can apply to your face on top of your makeup throughout the day will help to keep you covered all day. Also understanding that sunscreen isn’t just a seasonal thing, it’s all year round. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. Proper sunscreen application does not take a break.

Picking and popping pimples may feel good at the moment but actually, cause more skin issues. Performing at home extractions on yourself can spread germs and cause more breakouts to occur. Picking at pimples will lead to creating scars on the skin. As frustrating as pimples can be using blemish cream to help dry up pimples or using a clarifying or purifying mask is the best option to heal and decrease the blemish.

While exfoliation is an important part of any anti-aging regimen and helps to prevent dead skin cell buildup and promote glowing healthy skin. You can get too much of a good thing. Too much exfoliation can cause the skin to become overly dry and dehydrated, in some cases when the skin becomes dehydrated and dry it will begin to produce excess amounts of oil to compensate. Over exfoliation can also thin the skin and cause microscopic tears if you are using abrasive products or choosing rough exfoliating methods. Aiming to exfoliate your skin 1-3 times a week is optimal. Use chemical exfoliating cleansers that contain glycolic and salicylic acid and exfoliating brushes such as Clarisonic 2 times per week.

Experimenting with professional level products or playing chemist in your home and combining products to make your own skin care concoction are not advisable. While you may think you are saving money and time chances are you are not. More people cause harm and damage to their skin by treating their skin like a petri dish and experimenting with different concoctions when they have zero ideas of what they are doing but are instead following someone’s recommendation or they happened to purchase a “professional” grade chemical peel on Amazon. I have helped too many women that have scarred, burned, or mutilated their skin in their quest to achieve beautiful skin. I recommend instead that you focus on using quality products that align with your skin care goals. If you want a chemical peel or professional treatment find a reputable professional in your area that will provide you with the service you want. Nothing good comes out of going it alone.

 (Bonus Tip)

Regardless of your skin type using a moisturizer will help to maintain proper moisture balance in your skin and decrease dehydrated skin that becomes tight and flaky. Choose moisturizers that are designed to address your specific skin type. For instance, oily skin types wouldn’t need a moisturizer that is a heavy cream but should instead opt for a lotion or gel moisturizer that is lightweight and fast absorbing and doesn’t contain oils. Drier skin types will find cream-based moisturizers with oils and emollients to be more beneficial at helping to properly hydrate and moisturize the skin. Choose what works best for your skin and moisturize every morning and evening before bed.


Prioritize Skin Health

These commandments are pretty simple and straightforward and put the majority of the focus on you taking the time to prioritize your skin health. Creating a healthy skin care routine, choosing quality products that are designed to address your skin needs, protecting your skin from sun damage, eliminating bad skin care habits, knowing when it’s time to enlist the help of a professional and not experimenting with your skin. All of these are great ways to ensure that you have the healthy, beautiful, and flawless skin for a lifetime.

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