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Guided prayer has been a powerful tool in my faith walk and spirituality for the past year. And, while I’ve been a woman of faith for many years and became a Christian in my mid 20’s I found myself faltering these past few years. I know a lot of this was due to my chronic pain, and struggling with undiagnosed endometriosis.  But, it got to a point where I didn’t even know how to pray anymore. It’s during this time that I turned to guided prayer. And, after committing myself to the process I was able to heal and renew my faith. Today I want to share with you more about what guided prayer is and how it can benefit your spiritual journey. 

Guided Prayer Explained

If you’ve never heard of guided prayer before in your life let me explain. Generally speaking, it’s the process of focusing on a particular precept, principle, verse or attribute of God during your quiet time. You can reflect on your day, your life, challenging circumstances, emotions or whatever is on your heart. The purpose is to create a space for authentic communication and connection with Christ. You’re set free from the idea that praying and communicating with God is this pretty, perfect glorious exchange. When in reality it’s messy, painful, real and raw. And, the beauty is when you allow for the opportunity to be real and transparent you can grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. 

How It Works

Guided prayer comes in two main formats: audio or text. Which format you choose will depend on your style and preference. Additionally, there’s no set process governing guided prayer. The main idea is to walk you through the process of prayer and prompt you into deeper meditation and connection with God. As for length, guided prayer sessions can be as short as two minutes or as long as thirty minutes. Again, preference and available time will determine what would work best for you. 

guided prayer can bring you peace

My Approach to Guided Prayer

As it relates to my approach to guided prayer I find that integrating it into my morning and evening routine works best for me. In the morning it’s the perfect way to calm my mind and gain clarity on my purpose. Whereas in the evening guided prayer allows me to reflect on my day. Therefore I choose to  infuse guided prayer into my daily devotionals, and journaling. I’ve found that this approach helps to deepen introspection and meditation on God’s word and who He calls me to be. For instance, were there opportunities for growth and improvement? Did I allow space for grace and mercy for myself and for others? Am I the salt and light? How am I living out my faith and impacting this world?

Ultimately, guided prayer brought me out of  my spiritual drought. When I didn’t have the words anymore guided prayer helped me find them. Finding guided prayers that spoke to my heart and current situation helped me break through some tough strongholds and limiting beliefs. And, it was an integral part of my healing process post-surgery. 


Tools of the Trade

There were a couple of helpful tools that proved beneficial as I began exploring guided prayer. These tools include the Abide prayer app and the 365 Pocket Prayer Book. And while they are different formats, one being audio and the other text they provide similar benefits for separate reasons. 

guided prayer allows a actual dialogue with God

Abide App

The Abide prayer app is great because you have a person talking to you through the prayer process. Typically, each prayer has a specific bible verse that’s shared and a central idea or theme is discussed as it relates to the verse. Thus, prompting you to connect with God about the topic and fostering spiritual growth. Furthermore, you can create a full vibe by choosing which background music you’d like to hear, and how long you’d like to pray (option only available on the paid version). Additionally, you can choose from a variety of guided prayers that cover a plethora of topics. You can even schedule reminders which is perfect if you’re new to prayer or you want to make it more of a habit. 

There are paid and free versions meaning you get more advanced features when you pay the annual price ($39.99). Plus, upgrading to the paid version will allow you access to topical guides, bedtime stories, and prayers that exceed the two-minute limit. 

365 Pocket Prayers

With this booklet, there’s a prayer for every day of the year. Similar to Abide these prayers have specific topics that accompany a particular bible verse. Whereas, with Abide, you have someone speaking the prayer over you and guiding you through the process the 365 prayer booklet is self-guided. You’re provided with the prayer and verse that you can elect to speak aloud or read quietly. But, it’s up to you how deep you meditate over it and how long you do so. This style of guided prayer is perfect for the person that’s more advanced when it comes to their prayer life. And, it would be the perfect companion for those that like to journal. 

Creating A Deeper Relationship

Regardless, of which method or style of guided prayer that you choose the point remains the same. It’s a way to create a deeper bond with God and grow spiritually. There’s so much that I’ve learned about myself, my identity, who God says I am and the person that I’m created to be. It’s helped me overcome the limiting beliefs that I held about myself in regards to my health and life circumstances. And, it’s given me hope which I haven’t had for a long time. Indeed, guided prayer has become a regular part of my quiet time with God. Consequently, my faith has renewed and grown in a whole new way. 


About the Author

women's health and wellness bloggerHi, my name is Kathleen but you can call me Kat. I’m a health and wellness professional turned freelance writer and content creator.  You can find me on  YouTube and Instagram. If you take the opportunity to visit me on my other platforms don’t hesitate to leave a message, I would love to hear from you!



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