Balancing romance with a chronic illness is not always easy. Flare-ups, chronic pain, and low-energy can impact your day to day activities. Combine these with your love life and it can definitely become a romance killer. Finding a balance between romance and self-care is the goal. Choosing laid back activities that can be enjoyed from your home and don’t require too much effort could be the perfect fix. You get to conserve energy while spending time with your loved one. Here are 5 simple ideas for low-key Valentine’s Day dates that could be the perfect fit for you and your significant other.

Table For Two

It is a tradition to get all dressed up and go have a night out on the town with your mate. But when you’re dealing with a chronic illness it can be draining to spend too much time out and about. This is also true if you are experiencing a flare-up or dealing with chronic pain. The fact of the matter is you just don’t want to go out and about and hit the town. You want to stay home and spend time cozied up in your jammies. Before you cancel all your plans and hide under the covers. Why not swap the night on the town for a cozy night in.


If you don’t feel up to cooking a four-course meal. Opt to order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant. Spend the night engaging with your significant other over a nice meal. Afterward, you can enjoy Netflix (2), spend time dancing and listening to music, or playing your favorite games. It all depends on what your unique vibe is as a couple. Whatever that is celebrate it and enjoy it. The choice to get dressed up or chill in jammies is totally up to you.

Themed Movie Night

Going to the movies is always a fun date night activity. You can recreate this experience for Valentine’s day. Is there a particular movie that as a couple you both enjoy? Perhaps you are both avid movie buffs. Whichever having a themed movie night that is all about your favorite movie can be super fun. Include trivia, as well as themed appetizers and snacks. (1).


Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Don’t have the energy to go head out for a night of dancing. Dance at home. (3) The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anyone watching or judging you. It’s just you and your partner. If you’re feeling adventurous you can always try different spicy dance moves. A quick search on YouTube and you can find how to dance classes on pretty much every style of dancing. This is definitely a fun way to spice things up for Valentine’s.


Gamer’s Delight

Is there a game that you and your lover enjoy playing together. Why not have a game night and play your favorite game. Whether you enjoy board games, video games, RPG games, or cards. This is a perfect way to have a chill yet romantic Valentine’s day spending time enjoying the one that you love.


Roses Are Red

If you are dealing with extensive chronic pain or fatigue and it’s not even possible to have a low-key evening in the house. Sending a gift basket with treats and balloons is another great way to show you care. (4) You can also include a gift certificate or gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. You can always have a romantic date when you are feeling up to it.


Remember What Counts

It’s easy to get caught up in the clever marketing that gives off the idea that Valentine’s day has to be a big production. While extravagant romance is nice it’s not always an option when you are managing a chronic illness. Your partner should definitely understand this and want to ensure that the holiday is as meaningful and romantic for you as it is for them. So communicate and let your partner know what’s going on with your health. If you are able to enjoy a night out that’s great. If you need to have a more low-key night in that’s also ok. Do what is best for you and your health always.


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