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You haven’t started prepping for 2021 yet? What are you waiting for? Setting aside time before the new year to set goals and organize your life allows you to grab life by the horns. Not to mention that 2020 was one heck of a year. So, I’m beyond positive that decluttering, creating some self-development goals, and sprinkling positivity like confetti is going to help you rock in the new year.

Tips for Prepping for 2021

You can’t correctly begin prepping for 2021 unless you do a deep clean and declutter. I’m talking about wiping the walls, wash the linens, scrub the floors and purge within an inch of your life deep clean. I get it spring cleaning is quite popular and more common. But, a satisfying end of the year clean just hits different. The fact that you’re clearing and cleaning out the old to make space for new possibilities is deliciously symbolic. So, let’s break this process down step by step.

Prepping for 2021 with A Declutter & Purge Session

The first significant part of a deep clean is to deep clean and purge. Whether you prefer the Marie Kondo method or desire to become a hardcore minimalist, choose your adventure friend. The main idea is to pare down your closet to the bare essentials. You know the pieces you love and wear frequently. However, don’t trash all those unwanted items. Instead, donate them to goodwill, sell them to consignment shops, or use apps like Poshmark and Letgo to get rid of your pieces.

Other important decluttering tasks include cleaning and reorganizing your pantry. Chunk expired items and replace them. Give your appliances some love. Clean and descale the coffee machine. Clean and organize the fridge top to bottom. Bonus points if you “make it fashion” and use containers to organize. Additional appliances to clean up include the oven, dishwasher, washing machine, and microwave. Luckily, there are tons of cleaning tools to help clean and deodorize these heavy-duty appliances. This saves you elbow grease and time. You also want to make sure you tackle that junk drawer, closet, or wherever you accumulate paper and random items. Decide what needs to be kept and what needs to go.

Lastly, clean those forgotten spaces behind the sofa, fridge, and under the bed. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards, vents and get rid of those nasty spiderwebs in the ceilings. And dust those hard to reach areas, including the ceiling fan.  

prepping for 2021

Rearrange & Redecorate For The New Year

2020 was the YEAR for home improvement projects and redecorating. Everyone became an interior designer and DIYer. And while this decorating boom is tapering down. You can still start prepping for the new year by redecorating your space. It’s not essential to blow your budget on some significant redesign. Unless, of course, you have the money to blow, then live your best life.

However, if you’re an average working-class human like me. It’s easier to switch decorative pieces or elements around in your home. Repositioning a couch or rearranging the furniture in your bedroom can have such a dramatic effect. You can always update shower curtains and linens as you see fit.

If you’re a big fan of minimalism, such as myself, decreasing visual clutter as much as possible also creates a more aesthetic space. Switching to neutral tones such as black, white, and grey are timeless and functional. The key to making this aesthetic is to get creative with storage.

Find storage solutions that are pleasing to the eye while also serving as a functional piece. Great places to look for affordable storage solutions include Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, and Target. If you can splurge, The Container Store and Bed, Bath, and Beyond also have great options.  See 6 Minimalist Habits For Mental Illness That Keep You On Track!  

Show Your Car Some TLC

Ok, so you probably haven’t used your car much this year. Unless you were an essential worker, medical professional, or delivery driver. However, it’s still vital to maintain your car. Keeping up to date on your car service and getting an oil change, tires rotated, and fluids topped off are essential aspects of car maintenance. Also, make sure you’re up to date on specific service milestones for your vehicle. And, if you feel so inclined, have your car detailed inside and out.

Prepping For 2021 Includes Getting Organized

I’ll let you in on a secret I suck at organization. However, I can fake it quite well. And this is primarily due to learning how to create a structure beyond my planner and calendar. It extends into my home office, bills, finances, budget, meal planning, etc.  And, you can apply these organizational skills to your prepping for 2021 toolbox too. See Focus & Productivity Habits for the Hopelessly Distracted.

Tidy Up & Organize Your Paperwork

Organizing your important documents and paperwork is like the highest level of adulting one can master. Setting aside time to manage your certificates, licenses, medical records, and tax documents in a safe place prevents them from becoming lost. And, you’ll know where they are and can access them quickly when needed.

Another consideration is to try and reduce paper clutter altogether. Scan documents into your computer, save them on a cloud drive (non-sensitive documents only), invest in external storage, and transfer the files there. Create an organizational system that is sustainable and easy to follow. Lastly, investing in a paper or digital planner is a great way to manage your time effectively. It can also help visualize your goals and determine what’s allowed to take space in your life. See Accomplish Your Goals & Achieve Balance 

prepping for 2021


Make Sure To Review The Year

The final step in prepping for 2021 involves setting aside time to set goals and gameplan the new year. While 2020 taught us that things don’t always go as planned. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever create goals for the new year. You can still focus on self-growth and seeking ways you can improve and grow as a person.

If you need help in this area, the Daily Greatness Journal is a fantastic tool.  It guides you through creating goals that allow you to grow as a person in the various areas of your life. Although it’s an investment coming in at about $50 and up in you, factor in shipping. It’s still worthy of you looking into and considering if it’s an option.

If the Daily Greatness Journal is a bit out of your budget. You can still accomplish this with a paper planner or digital planner. These planners often include an area where you can plan your goals, projects, and various other aspirations for the upcoming year.

The cool thing about these prepping for 2021 activities is the simple fact that they can be utilized any time of year. You can do them at the end of the year, middle of the year, or whenever you feel you need a change. So, even if you happened upon this post well into 2021 and you begin to feel stuck. Switch your mindset and work your way through the above activities.


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