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The Saalt Cup is the reason I quit tampons. It’s the first menstrual cup I’ve ever tried and I’m truly blown away. Not only is it a sustainable eco-friendly choice for period care and hygiene. But, it provides a healthy alternative for those, like me, who deal with vaginal infections and irritation using tampons. And, if that isn’t cool enough the company makes a conscious effort to overcome period poverty and support young women. I’m so blown away by the Saalt Cup brand and product I feel compelled to share my excitement. So, if you’re new to menstrual cups and searching for your first one. The Saalt Cup may be the right choice for you. Here’s why.

Saalt Cup Is An Ethical Brand

I’m a big believer in putting my money where my mouth is. And, my mouth talks a lot about sustainability and becoming a better steward of the resources available on this earth. Hence, why it’s important for me to support brands and companies that care about the same things. Saalt is one of those brands. Simply put they are a company whose foundation was built on giving back and helping others. Learning about how co-founder Cherie single-handedly worked to provide sustainable period care for friends in need blew me away. Consequently, this ethos and drive have trickled down into every aspect of the brand. It’s clear to see that they’re dedicated to impacting and changing the world for all menstruators. 

They Fight To End Period Poverty

A quick scroll through their website will reveal their commitment to doing just that. This is evident by the partnerships they have cultivated with non-profits such as Period: The Menstrual Movement, and Her International. While Period: The Menstrual Movement focuses on decreasing period stigma, and eradicating period poverty. Her International empowers young girls and women in impoverished, marginalized communities. These young girls receive access to proper education and are rescued from a life of bonded service. Whereas women are taught essential skills that help them to become more independent and self-reliant.

 Learning more about these organizations and discovering that Saalt donates 2% of their revenue to charities such as this is awesome, to say the least. Also, their transparency is refreshing. They provide a 2018 impact report that goes into detail the non-profits they’re working with, statistics outlining their yearly impact, and the necessity for cup pilot programs. Plus they thank you, the consumer, for supporting and providing feedback on what charities to partner with and the growth and success of their brand. Are you blown away yet? I know I sure was. I truly felt like I was part of a community. Additionally, I never felt more proud that by purchasing this product I had a hand, however small, in their success.   

Real Women, Making A Real Difference

The story of how Saalt became a product and a brand is a simple yet beautiful one. You can visit their page here to learn more. But, to be brief it’s the joining of two women to provide a sustainable solution to period care. The mission was to create quality sustainable period products that provide a healthier period for all menstruators. Thus, Saalt was born. Additionally, they dedicate their energy to end period stigma through proper education and awareness. While simultaneously investing in the lives of young girls and women by providing better education and quality life skills. Consequently, much of this is accomplished through their partnerships with various charities and non-profits.

 But, they also dedicate space on their Instagram profile to educate, empower and engage women via social media. In addition to sharing engaging and beautiful posts that encourage the normalization of periods and help spread the message about sustainable period care. They also provide weekly cup tips on their IG story, while engaging with their followers. And, when I mean engaging with their followers I mean they respond to comments, @’s and messages diligently. As a matter of fact, their quality of customer service is what drew me to the brand in the first place. Honestly, their ethos, integrity, transparency, and quality as a brand are what make them special. And, that’s why I chose Saalt cup to be my first menstrual cup. 

My Experience With The Saalt Cup

I would like to first say that my experience with using the Saalt cup may vary from others and it may not be indicative of your experience. Your anatomy is different from my anatomy, and my needs will differ from your needs so take my experience and my observations with a grain of salt. Pun totally intended. So, let’s explore the details regarding the Saalt cup itself. And, what my experience has been like using the cup these past few periods. 

Saalt Cup Facts

Some standard specifications for all Saalt cup models are:

  • Made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • No BPA, Chemicals or Latex
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • FDA Registered and Compliant

Their pricing is affordable. If you purchase from them directly online expect to pay $29. But, if you elect to purchase them from Target you will spend around $33. 

Additionally, Saalt cup offers 2 different sizes, small and regular. As it relates to the small size, it’s indicated for those: 

  • With light to normal flow
  • That have a low cervix
  • That hasn’t had a full-term pregnancy
  • That are first-time cup users
  • With strong pelvic floor muscles

Whereas, the regular size is indicated for those:

  • With normal to heavy flow
  • With a high cervix
  • That has had a full-term pregnancy
  • That is experienced, cup users
  • That needs a high capacity cup
  • With less strong pelvic floor muscles

Additionally, you get to choose between two different colors Himalayan pink and Ocean blue. They also come with a matching storage bag for the cup.

 In May of 2019 Saalt partnered with the menstrual cup queens at Put A Cup in It to create the Saalt Soft. The Saalt soft was designed for experienced cup users that encounter issues from using a more firm cup. These issues include:

  • Bladder Pressure
  • Issues Urinating
  • Bowel Movement Issues
  • Increased Cramping
  • Vaginal Sensitivity

The Saalt Soft comes in two sizes: the small and the regular. The specifications and pricing for this style and accompanying sizes are identical to the original Saalt cup. 

Let’s Talk About My Wins

Ok, let’s talk about my wins using the Saalt cup. A huge win for me was the fact that the Saalt cup was affordable and easily accessible. Expect to pay $29 when you purchase online (excluding shipping and handling). And, if you opt to purchase the duo pack online, which contains both sizes, it’s $47.  If you’re like me and choose to purchase from Target expect to pay around $33. I opted to purchase the size small cup in Himalayan pink from my local Target and didn’t have to break the bank to do so. A second win is the information provided on their website, Instagram, and packaging makes it easy to determine what size cup to choose. Plus, they provide instructions on how to prepare your first cup use, various folding techniques, insertion tips, and removal tips. When it comes to demystifying how to properly use a menstrual cup Saalt definitely covered all the bases. Finally, I find that it’s easy to insert and comfortable. My first time using the cup the insertion process although a little awkward wasn’t as horrific as I imagined it would be. Additionally, I didn’t experience any leaks or discomfort. It pretty much exceeded and surpassed all my expectations.

And My Losses

Although my experience has remained pleasant I did experience a few losses. The first loss for me was it was a challenge to remove. Again, I’m not going to blame this on the cup. My struggles with removing the cup came from me being super nervous. Not to mention I was new to the whole menstrual cup thing. With practice, I’ve definitely improved my removal technique and don’t have to rely on the “turtle”  to remove my cup. But, you should be aware that when using ANY menstrual cup you’re going to encounter a learning curve. Don’t expect to get it perfect right off the bat. Time, diligence, and patience are necessary when it comes to transitioning to menstrual cups. 

Finally, another loss I experienced during my last period was issues with occasional leaking. I’m fairly positive that this is due to faulty insertion techniques on my end. As I mentioned earlier when I first used the cup I had zero leaks. This past period I experienced some painful period cramping and I wasn’t really paying attention to how I was inserting my cup. Plus, I was experimenting with different folding methods to determine which was the best. A lot was going on that can’t be blamed on the cup’s quality. Especially since it had worked fine with my previous periods. 

Is It Worth Your Money?

Ok, so this should come as no surprise, but I would absolutely recommend the Saalt cup. If you’re new to the cup world the Saalt Cup is an ideal fit. Their website and social media provide a wealth of information regarding how to properly use their cup. Additionally, they have killer customer service which can help you troubleshoot and address any issues. Furthermore, if you are eco-conscious and looking to support brands that care about social justice, the environment and creating an impact. Look no further. This brand does all of those things, while also creating a sense of community. You get the feeling as though you’re apart of something bigger than yourself when you purchase their product. Their transparency and honesty are refreshing. They’re really a simple feel-good brand that’s working to make the world a better place for menstruators all over the world. And, what’s even better is they’ve created a phenomenal product.  

To wrap this up I truly believe that Saalt has created a wonderful reusable menstrual product. Not just because of the performance and efficacy of their cup. But, the entire culture and ethos this brand embodies. And, I get really excited when I stumble upon brands and companies that are doing it right. Thus, why I wanted to spotlight this brand and share my thoughts and experience with their product. Which is totally NOT sponsored by the way. They have no earthly idea I exist. This is literally a fangirl post about my fave menstrual cup. But, I do want to know two things from you. One, what’s your favorite sustainable brand and why? Second, do you have a favorite sustainable menstrual product that you adore? Leave it in the comments below!


**Disclaimer** This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Saalt. My opinions are my own and are intended to inform and share my experience using the Saalt cup. Links are provided within this post to provide additional information and back up my claims, and experience. Additionally, there are links provided where you can purchase the Saalt cup. I do not receive any monetary compensation or any other form of compensation if you choose to purchase from these links. They are provided to offer context.