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You Can Workout From Home

I totally get that putting on workout gear and heading to the gym is not everyone’s idea of a good time. But allowing your general dislike of the gym to prevent you from progressing with your fitness and achieving your health and wellness goals isn’t cool.

While going to the gym may not be your “thing” opting instead for an easy and simple home workout could be the perfect alternative for you. Today I am going to give you five reasons why home workouts ROCK!

Gyms can easily become crowded. Which can make it difficult to move around and perform your workout moves, or find the exact materials you want. When you workout from home you don’t have to share your equipment with anyone, you can create a designated space or area for workouts.

Have you ever gone through a season where you aren’t going to the gym and you were still paying for it? Well working out from home can save you money. Especially if you find yourself going to the gym infrequently.

Workout out from home eliminates a lot of excuses. Since you’re not having to travel to the gym you can change into your workout gear and get it done!


Since home workouts utilize minimal equipment that is easy to pack up and carry (think mat, resistance bands, ankle weights) you can always take your workout on the road and visit a park and get an awesome workout outside. This also gives you the option to utilize park benches and other apparatus to include various challenges and progressions to your workout that you wouldn’t normally have access to at home.


Another great advantage is if you travel a lot you can always work out in your hotel room and stay on track.


One of the most awkward things about going to the gym, especially if you’re going before work, is that you have to shower in the locker room. This can feel a tad bit invasive. When you workout from home you can enjoy a nice post-workout shower in your own bathroom in the privacy of your own home.

I hope you find these reasons convincing enough for you to be willing to give home workouts a try. Especially if you have been putting off working out due to your dislike of the gym.

Need Ideas for Home Fitness?

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