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Creating an endo-friendly morning routine has been integral in helping me manage my endometriosis pre and post-surgery. I’m a person that thrives on structure and likes to be in flow. So having set habits and rituals is essential for my mental health. And, while my routine isn’t set in stone and changes depending on my pain level. It’s still beneficial for me to stick to as much of my morning routine as my body will allow. Furthermore, it keeps me disciplined and improved my ability to focus while decreasing brain fog. Indeed, these simple lifestyle changes have had such a positive impact on my endometriosis symptoms. 

Benefits of A Morning Routine

If you’re an endo warrior I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how tough mornings can be. Issues with waking up feeling like you’ve run a full marathon despite sleeping for 8 hours. This is most likely due to interrupted sleep caused by pain or nausea. Suffice it to say you’re not really feeling ready to seize the day. And, this can easily turn into a downward spiral of negativity. But, I’ve found creating an intentional, morning routine can help with transitioning into the day.

Consequently, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy just some simple rituals, activities, or habits. The goal is to nurture yourself while improving your mood and mindset. Because dealing with endo symptoms on regular basis sucks. Yet, falling into a pit of negativity is only going to make you feel hopeless. And, increase mental and emotional health issues. Trust me, I’ve been there. This is why implementing a simple morning routine can be so empowering. Thus, allowing you to better manage your endometriosis and accomplish more in your life.  


Building A Morning Routine

When it comes to creating a morning routine the sky’s the limit. Ultimately you want to focus on rituals and habits that are most beneficial for you and your endo symptoms. Think about what little actions will make the most impact on your health and wellness. What are things you can do at the start of your day that will improve your mental health? How can you decrease your pain and better manage your symptoms? 


Morning Rituals & Habits

I’m going to share a couple of ideas of practices that I find important to include in my morning routine. Bear in mind that what I include may not be what’s best for you and your endo symptoms. We all have different pain levels and symptoms. So, these things need to be taken into consideration. But, I hope you can take inspiration from the examples I provide and think of ways you can start creating your endo-friendly morning routine. 


Fertility Tracking

Currently, I’m not using hormonal birth control. Instead, I track my fertility using the fertility awareness method. Specifically, the symptothermal method. Without going into great detail it’s basically tracking and logging signs and symptoms from your body that lets you know when you’re fertile versus when you’re not fertile. The symptoms that I record include my cervical mucus, cervix position, vaginal sensation, and basal body temperature. So, the first thing I do when I wake up is taking my temperature and record it. I prefer to use the Kindara app to track my symptoms and chart my fertility. 


Take Care of My Dog

Ok, so this may seem like a weird thing to include as part of my morning routine. But, taking care of my dog is an important part of my daily ritual because it’s something outside of myself that holds me accountable. Meaning there’s a living breathing thing that’s relying on me. As it relates to my depression and anxiety an external motivator such as this is crucial for my mental health. Showing up for my dog and letting her out in the mornings, feeding her, and playing with her help me establish a routine. Thus, it makes it that much easier for me to continue that momentum and carry it over into my day. Not to mention she is my best friend and is always there when I need emotional support. So, the least I can do is make sure she’s happy and taken care of. 



I’m a fitness enthusiast and working out is my hobby. It’s my form of meditation. Getting lost in the music and challenging myself physically is so mentally rewarding for me. Consequently, I dedicate at least 5 days out of the week for intentional exercise. On my rest days, I focus on recovery and stretching. I do find that I need to be flexible with my workouts. This is mostly due to my pain and energy levels. If I’m experiencing pain or low energy I will switch to low-intensity workouts like yoga or barre. This helps to protect my energy and manage my pain. On the other hand, when I have the energy and no pain I enjoy my normal moderate to high-intensity exercises. These workouts increase my energy, skyrocket my mood, and give me focus. 



I prioritize self-care. It’s one of my favorite wellness habits. Additionally, it’s grounding and helps me feel centered. For instance, I can be dealing with the worst depression or struggling with awful pain. But the simple act of getting up, cleansing my skin, getting dressed, and making my bed helps me feel a little bit better. That’s why it’s a staple in my morning routine. Regardless if I’m experiencing pain or not. I will always make the effort to perform my skincare routine, dental hygiene, and groom myself. Mind you I work from home and there are many days I’m putting on makeup and getting dressed up for myself. That’s totally ok. It’s this little act of self-love that has helped keep me mentally sane. Plus, I get so much more done when I feel and look my best. 


Nutrition & Wellness

Sitting down to a nice yummy breakfast is so important. Not only does it fuel my body but it’s such a lovely experience. Hence why I focus on eating my food mindfully without rushing. I place emphasis on savoring every bite. It’s also during this time that I take my supplements. While supplements aren’t a cure by any means. They can help decrease nutrient deficiencies and fill in gaps that are lacking within my diet. Talking with your doctor and understanding your unique needs can help you identify what supplements, if any, could be beneficial for you. 



Before I jump into the day I like to set aside time for my faith and spirituality. This is the time that I spend reading the bible and praying. I also like to speak positive affirmations and set an intention for the day. Doing so helps me align my focus with my priorities and guides me through my day. Additionally, I  like to express my gratitude by focusing on 3-5 things that I’m grateful for. They can be big, small, or inconsequential. But, it helps me find peace and contentment. Even if I don’t feel the greatest or I’m experiencing pain it’s good to know that this too shall pass.

Mindful Habits

Additionally, there are a few little mindful habits that I infuse into my morning routine. Such as reading a non-fiction book, listening to instrumental music, enjoying a podcast, watching the news, and reviewing my schedule. These little activities help stimulate brain function and improve focus. Furthermore, they really help me cultivate a growth mindset. I’d like to point out I don’t do them all every single day. I typically rotate these activities depending on my mood. But, they help this non-morning person acclimate to the day. 


A Quick Breakdown

Ok, I know that my morning routine seems like it’s a lot. LOL. Indeed, writing it all out does make it seem like it’s an intense process. In reality, it’s really not that long and drawn out. Here’s a little breakdown of how it all flows together. 


Typically, I get up at 7:30 am which is when I do my fertility tracking, self-care, and pet care. By 8:30 am I’m working out. At 9:30 I’m finishing my workout and getting ready to eat breakfast and finishing my self-care routine. It’s also during this time that I’m either listening to a podcast or have the news on in the background.  As soon as it’s 10 am I’m starting my devotional. Which is then followed by reading one chapter of a nonfiction book. Afterward, I review my schedule and tasks for the day. And, as I’m preparing my coffee and setting up my desk I’ll choose a nice ambient, classical or acoustic playlist to listen to. By that time it’s 10:30 am and I’m ready to get to work!


Helpful Pointers & Tips

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how you can create your morning routine. What’s most important is to do what feels right for you. Your needs are going to be different from my needs and you’re going to have to create a routine that works best for you. Remember there are no hard and fast rules here. Aim to start off simple and progress as you go. And, remain flexible. Acknowledge in advance that there may be times you need to tweak your routine due to pain, energy, or just life in general.

Now It’s Your Turn to Share

Do you have a morning routine or ritual that you swear by? I’d love to know! 


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